Rose STEM Academy Staff



(Captain Marvel)

Melanie is an ambitious and friendly graduate of Cypress Bay. While there, she actively participated as an officer of the Robotics Club and HOSA, a club for aspiring doctors. She just finished her first year at Johns Hopkins University, majoring in Biophysics, and then plans to attend medical school. At Hopkins, she participates in protein engineering research, manages all sustainability focused clubs on campus, and is part of a medical startup that helps children at Johns Hopkins Hospital with the use of telepresence robots. In her free time, she enjoys exploring Baltimore or going to the gym. Her favorite scientist is Marie Curie, who won two Nobel Prizes - one in Physics and another one.  She is excited to spread her love of science to the children attending the camp and to be back for one more year!


(Black Widow)

Teresa is a 2019 graduate of Cypress Bay High who is excited to start studying mathematics at the University of Florida in the coming fall. Both math and science have captivated her since she was young, thanks to her early exposure to them by her parents. While Teresa tends to enjoy all types of math (that she’s encountered so far), she is definitely partial to physics when it comes to the sciences. She took AP Physics 1, 2, and C during her time at Cypress, so she is fairly well-versed in the subject. In her free time, Teresa enjoys reading (about math/science, among other things), writing poetry, and playing video games. Her favorite scientist is Sir Isaac Newton, the originator of many concepts still used in physics today and one of the creators of calculus (along with Leibniz). She is looking forward to inspiring a love of math and science in the attendees this summer through the fun activities planned!



Nicolas Bonaduce is definitely a kid at heart. You’ll usually find him laughing and having a blast alongside the other campers. Although he is one major goofball, he’s also a pretty smart dude. He graduated Cypress Bay exactly one year ago and is currently studying Photonics at the University of Central of Florida and double majoring in Computer Engineering as well. Nico loves being asked questions about everything, from why guitars have circles holes and violins have S-shaped ones, to how an LCD screen works. (He will answer both by the way, providing there is an orange or tangerine nearby, he’s big on using models). His favorite scientist is absolutely the too-smart-for-his-time Nikola Tesla. Nico is a major nerd for wireless electricity, magnetic fields and induction so it's no surprise the man who wanted to give the world free wireless electricity takes the cake. Nico spends his time playing Piano, Guitar, Cuatro, and is big on being eco-friendly and taking eco-friendly initiatives. See if you can join him for a beach clean-up sometime! 



Alejandro (you can call him Alex) is a hard-working and driven Chemistry major attending the University of Florida. After spending his senior year overseeing the CBHS science tutoring every week, he went on to join the Miller unit to research the chemical properties of biodegradable polymers. But he still remembers to keep in touch with his favorite teachers at the Bay — Mr. Rose included! — to update them on how much fun he’s having in college! Alex spends his free time playing video games and having fun with his friends, but he’s not afraid to put his nose to the grindstone when things need to get done. His favorite scientist would have to be Einstein, since he actually got his Nobel Prize in Physics (yeah Mr. Rose)! He is extremely excited to show the kids this year how awesome all branches of science can be!

Mr. Rose

(Endgame Thor)

  Mr. Rose has been the AP Physics C teacher at Cypress Bay High for 11 years, and has been teaching math and science for 15 years in Broward County.  He was honored as a 2017 Broward County Teacher of the Year Finalist.  He earned his major degrees in Mathematics and Physics, and a minor in Astronomy from the University of Florida.   He is passionate about his family, math, all sciences, and football.  He believes that science can be  a creative, fun and fascinating subject that brings out the best in students, and mankind.  He is an Assistant Scoutmaster in Troop 128, and has been trained in Youth Protection and First Aid.  He lives in Weston with his beautiful wife, Janice, and their two wonderful children, Emma and Sam.  His favorite scientist is Michael Faraday, pictured above  next to Plato.  He can solve a Rubik's Cube.  Mr. Rose that is.  Although Michael Faraday probably would've been able to as well.